Defining the term Service Design is quite hard. Some say it’s a new form of marketing, others say it’s a form of user experience design. Developing great user experience as well as positive association with a brand isn’t new for marketer. However Service Design delves deeper into the user aiming for the best user’s satisfaction. Probably the best way to get an idea is peeking in the book This is Service Design by Marc Stikdorn and Jakob Schneider (with co-authors).

It already has claimed some specific icons that symbolize different aspects in Service Design. I proudly present these 24 icons I created together with Service Design agency Buro Hapklaar by the name The Oneliners. As the name suggest, all icons are made out of one line. I really loved working on this project and thinking of adding more in the near future. Feel free to use these icons! I put them on the designers well known online catalog The Noun Project.

Find The Oneliners icons here.

Find Buro Hapklaar here.

Find out more about Service Design here.